One act of Kindness, Multiplied by Millions = Global Transformation

Right now, people are watching online content more than ever before, and, there is a growing need globally for spiritual help.

We’re calling all Kindness Ambassadors to join us in our mission to fight against worry, anxiety and depression by encouraging the hearts, bringing hope and love to people with a strong belief that if we trust God and care for His people – we cannot fail.

Some ways you can help:


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50% of proceeds for the movie will go to Kindness Ambassadors Foundation
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look for other ways where you can be a blessing to someone else in your community

Director's Statement

“Talita is not only the main character’s name, but also a call to revive, resurrect and awaken every part of our lives that is sleeping. My goal is to ignite the hope, dreams, and generosity in viewers’ hearts. The movie’s mission is to start a revival in our world- for people to exchange judgement for love, kindness and compassion and to realize that change doesn’t always come in a pretty package”.


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