After a failed attempt to reconnect on a European vacation, a Los Angeles couple, Talita & Dan, find themselves out-of-sorts at a busy airport. Their palpable strain is only made worse when a random Danish vagabond, asks for a ride. Despite Talita’s protests, Dan is captivated by the young traveler and invites him home. Much to their surprise, an unlikely friendship unfolds. Based on the true story of the director and writer, discover how unexpected moments change hearts and lives. #SoulAwakening

Directed By
Elena Beuca
Elena Beuca, Dave Rogers, Ditlev Dharmakaya, Billy Howerdel
Produced By
Elena Beuca, Dave Rogers, Elisabetta Tedla, Billy Howerdel, Passion Java

Director's Statement

“Talita is not only the main character’s name, but also a call to revive, resurrect and awaken every part of our lives that is sleeping. My goal is to ignite the hope, dreams, and generosity in viewers’ hearts. The movie’s mission is to start a revival in our world- for people to exchange judgement for love, kindness and compassion and to realize that change doesn’t always come in a pretty package”.


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“Talita-ONE MORE”, is a feature film documentary seen through the eyes of Elena Beuca as she journey’s through one of life’s greatest tragedies. After her brother getting into a car accident that resulted in being air lifted to the hospital, Elena discovered that Nist, was in a coma. She immediately paused her life to travel back home to Romania in order to be a resource to both Nist and her family. She soon found herself in the trenches of the hospital battlefield fighting the trauma, diagnosis of the doctors, as well as their own fears . It appeared that fate was not on his side as he remained in a coma for 3 months. Follow her long experience as Elena fulfills the true power of faith, words and prayer. Witness the mountain-moving story of just how deep the miracles of God can truly go when you step out in your beliefs.