Director's Statement

“Talita is not only the main character’s name, but also a call to revive, resurrect and awaken every part of our lives that is sleeping. My goal is to ignite the hope, dreams, and generosity in viewers’ hearts. The movie’s mission is to start a revival in our world- for people to exchange judgement for love, kindness and compassion and to realize that change doesn’t always come in a pretty package”.


Reel Honest Reviews

“When a film leaves you speechless, with tears rolling down your cheeks, and you find your hand over your heart as you watch the final scene fade to black, you know you have just seen a masterpiece.“

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“A thoughtful character study that defies cliché to find a voice of its own, this often funny, warm hearted film hints at impressive things to come from its first-time director..“

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Spoil Free Movie

“The film doesn’t tell a unique or surprising story, but the emotional rawness of the leads, not to mention their writing and directing talent, make for the kind of surprisingly heavy but ultimately feel-good movie.”

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Kindness Ambasadors Movement

One Act Of Kindness, Multiplied By Millions Creates a Global Transformation

We’re calling all Kindness Ambassadors to join us in our mission to encourage the hearts, bring hope and love to people around the world with a strong belief that if we trust God and we care for His people – we cannot fail.

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