We believe in the power of the testimony

Therefore if you had a Talita Kumi moment in your life or if Talita impacted you -we encourage you to share it with us - you never know who’s life you might transform by sharing YOUR experience or maybe your story could be the next film!

This movie!! From story-line to acting to the music - I was hooked. The music in the trailer was hauntingly magnetic. The ease to which I relate to the movie itself is uncanny - so real. The writer brings the issues to light with love, respect and even some humor. The acting and direction are kee...
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A story with a tremendous amount of heart. Elena Beuca's directorial debut is as impressive as it is moving. The characters are brilliantly relatable. Their flaws and emotional depth are brought to life by writer, Dave Rogers, who tackles the twist and turns of the heart with finesse and a well-hone...
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I Love This Film. The characters are real. The acting is superb. It is so well written and so well directed. I cry every time I see it. Every time. I know what's coming... But it still gets me. This is a film with a message. But it doesn't feel like a 'film with a message.' It's just a great story w...
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This is what movies should be made of - a lot of heart, creativity & a great story. I enjoyed the complexity of each character and how their perspectives impacted the meaning of each scene. This movie showed how one chance encounter/experience can change how we see the world.

E. F Martin

Beautifully and soulfully done, it was a real pleasure to see it ! Well done, indeed! A movie that touches the heart and inspires the mind to acutely recognize the importance of having more movies such as this one in the theaters.


A beautiful story, masterfully told, injected with humor and magic. I have now seen it 3 times and each time I've watched it, I feel so much love for the story, the characters, for myself, for life. It's relatable, real, and thought provoking.. The flashbacks are creative and not forced or gimmicky....
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Real life portrayal of these three characters is powerful and they were absolutely brilliant. They represented humanity with the humor and pain we all battle with. There were moments in the film that took me to my own past, present, and what is really important. Share this story with someone you lov...
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I have truly enjoyed this film from the beginning until the end. The storyline is captivating and the actors are exhibiting authentic heart touching performances. As a member of the audience, you are captivated and taken into the REALM of TRUE LOVE but in the same time you are exposed to see the rea...
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To me this was the BEST Film I have seen in a long time. I found myself totally engulfed in the movie and routing for the characters, laughing and crying with them. I was actually sad when it was over and watched it several times after and had to share with my husband and daughter who absolutely lov...
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Best movie.Why? Because it's not polluted with cliché for one, has more heart than all the stuff out there, an incredible story and incredibly great performances....Made on a shoestring budget...truly a class of its own. it has a complete sense of truth ringing through ALL OF IT. ...
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So refreshing to see something so gentle and spiritual. We wish you every success with it and may peace be with you all. Take hold of the wings of peace and fly with it and no-one can take it away from you.


I have no words of how grateful I am for this movie.

Anna Marie

The movie is an artistic jewel.


Thank you for sharing this inspiration. It warmed my heart and watered my soul with Faith


Thank you for a movie that moved me.....most movies don´t.


Thank you so much for a lovely intimate movie, that gave me some thoughts to chew on.


I had no idea I can still cry like a baby watching a movie, since I am 49... I resonate both with the losses, and with D-love's way of embracing the world. Thank you all for an amazing work of art!


This film should be watched by anybody interested in personal development, inner growth and positive thinking. I wish that it touched the hearts of all those that search for healing and true love.


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