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Dave Rogers

Writer / Producer

Dave Rogers Was born and raised in West Milford, New Jersey. He Graduated from Wilkes University with a degree in Behavioral & Social Sciences. For seven years, Dave traveled and worked in Greece, France, Alaska and other States across America. Three of those years, his winters were spent in the French Alp’s and the summers were taking teenagers across America as a counselor. Dave worked on the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange for nine years.

After all these years Dave realized he couldn’t shake his childhood dream of being an actor and in 2006 he moved to Hollywood and joined the Ivanna Chubuck acting school. This is were Dave meets his group of friends who together created short films, commercials, and webisodes. From this he discovers his love and talent for writing. Talita is his first written feature film and he is currently developing a TV series and other feature films.

Elena Beuca

Director / Producer

Elena Beuca grew up in a small farm town in Transylvania, Romania. After graduating from law school in Bucharest and working in real estate, she became interested in the entertainment industry and moved to Hollywood where she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Elena is passionate about telling stories that focus on cultivating unity in love regardless of the denominational labels, and her main focus is to Inspire people that in the middle of darkness – they should be the light! She is currently working on a documentary that was shot in Romuania . ” Talita” is her first feature film.

Billy Howerdel

Composer / Executive Producer

Billy Howerdel is the founding member, guitarist, songwriter, and producer for the bands A Perfect Circle and Ashes Divide. Founded in 1999, A Perfect Circle has released three critically-acclaimed and commercially successful albums; their initial release “Mer de Noms” debuted at number #4 on the Billboard 200, selling 188,000 copies in its first week and making it the highest selling debut album for a rock band.

Howerdel was born in New Jersey. He attended high school at West Milford High School in West Milford, New Jersey, taking a strong interest in a television production class and and extracurricular audio program. This program gave Howerdel the foundation for his post-high school audio technician pursuits and eventually led to his high-profile guitar technician positions. Howerdel cites attending a Pink Floyd concert as a youngster as the catalyst for wanting to be involved in music.

Elisabetta Tedla


Elisabetta was born and raised in Verona, Italy. Her mother is from Eritrea, Africa, and her father is Italian. At the age of 6, after performing in a school play for a local theatre, she realized how much she loved to tell stories. At 19, she starred in her first independent feature that was presented at the Venice film festival. The film captured the attention of two American producers who invited Elisabetta and the director to New York to discuss shooting an English version of the film. After visiting the Big Apple, she fell in love with its energy and the off-Broadway theaters. Shortly after that trip, she moved to the States. Starting over and acting in a new language was very challenging for a young Italian girl, but she has loved every minute of the journey.

In Los Angeles, she had the opportunity to observe and learn the process of movie making, and how important it is to tell a good story, with creativity and authenticity. She finally felt at home as she fell in love with how many people, like her, are inspired to wake up every morning to be part of this wonderful process. Producing has become a new chapter in her life, and she is beyond excited to be able to support and work with talented people who are creating, building and sharing stories that need to be told.After travelling to Africa, she felt the urge to begin working on projects that have the potential to inspire, educate, and change herself as well as others.