I had no idea…

My name is Elena Beuca Rogers and I was born during the communist era in Romania in a small, farm village and much of my childhood was spent working the land and taking care of the sheep.Going to school was a treat, and I would stay up late doing homework by candlelight. Starting at the age of fourteen, I hitchhiked back and forth for four years to get to high school, and another two for college. After graduating college, I moved to Bucharest to study law.

I HAD NO IDEA that my journey would lead me to filmmaking in Los Angeles years later where I developed a heart for creating content that would move and impact people.

I directed my first feature film Talita based on a true story, that became a festival darling and earned several prestigious awards at film festivals across the country. I wanted to bring the film to theaters around the world .

Let it go …

While I was pursuing Golden Globes and Oscar qualifications for Talita God spoke to me about the film saying, to “LET IT GO.” And He asked to GIFT the film over Christmas, for two weeks for everyone to see online for free. The problem was that If I did, I would lose my chances at the Oscars, Golden Globes and most importantly, selling the film to a distributor or making a name for our film and my team in the film industry..

I didn’t understand why He would request this of me and I struggled with this for days but I knew that ultimately I would have to LET IT GO, otherwise I would never be able to teach from my experience. I understood that God was asking me to trust Him more than my plans or dreams -thus, we Gifted the film to the people and put it up for free on our website for Christmas.

Though, I lost My chances of earning a profit at that time or making it into the industry, and losing a few friends along the way- the stories of lives being changed through the film, such as someone who’s life was rescued from suicide, showed me that there is a higher calling in all of us, regardless of what you might believe in …God gave me a GIFT but now HE was calling me to get to know HIM- the GIVER .


Divine interruption

While socially isolated from lots of people, I become hungry and passionate about understanding God on a deeper level. . Then I got the news that my brother Nist was in a car accident that left him in a coma. I left for Romania immediately for almost a year to support my brother and my family.

That year was a “DIVINE INTERRUPTION.”, and it began to awaken me and it opened my heart and eyes in a completely new way, reshaping my view on life, purpose and what my calling was.

I understood the power of the words and that testimony is one the most important tools that we have.


Artist behind the Art

Coming back to America, a new mission was placed on my heart; Talita.TV and KINDNESS AMBASSADORS. This would serve as a platform in which we would allow the world to stream TALITA  on a Pay It Forward donation model.

KINDNESS AMBASSADORS and donations  from our viewers would help us PAY IT FORWARD and help other people and organizations in need by giving them back 50 %  of all proceeds of the film.

In the not too distant future, Talita.TV will be expanding to help other filmmakers lacking the financial resources to get their work seen and funded- for the world to get to know the ARTIST BEHIND THE ART and to raise a generations of Givers,  of meaningful creative content and of KINDNESS AMBASSADORS – as I strongly believe that life is about Sharing and helping others.